NOC Tag: Drafting technologists and technicians

  • AutoCAD Module 3

    AutoCAD Module 3 will advance your knowledge of the basic 2D drawing and drafting commands taught in the first two courses. You will move from 2D to 3D with basic components of 3D solid modeling. You will be shown the tools and commands within the AutoCAD software necessary to create proper 3D models. Additionally, you…

  • AutoCAD Module 2

    In this course, you will learn some of the more advanced concepts and tools that can be found in the AutoCAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) software. While the emphasis will be on practice for skill development, each three-hour class will also consist of a brief lecture on software technique. Each class will typically be broken down…

  • AutoCAD Module 1

    In this hands-on course, you will explore the basic principles and operational techniques necessary to effectively use the AutoCAD software in a two-dimensional environment. Among specific topics covered in AutoCAD Module 1 will be system fundamentals, basic and advanced drawing commands, drawing by coordinate entry, dimensioning, hatching and more. Because classes will be designed to…

  • Computer-Aided Drafting I

    Computer-Aided Drafting I In this course, students will gain hands-on experience of computer-aided drafting using the latest version of AutoCAD. Students will learn drawing setup, construction and modification, the use of layers, dimensioning, hatching, the creation and use of blocks, and the Design Centre, with the objective of producing industry-standard drawings.

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials

    In this course, learn and apply the tools offered by Civil 3D, the civil engineering special version of AutoCAD. This course includes on-demand videos, hands-on practices, downloadable materials, and many more resources.

  • AutoCAD Interpreting Drawings

    This course is a continuation of AutoCad Introduction (CMPS 0326) and Introduction to Blueprint Reading. The main emphasis is on the creation of Assembly and Detail Engineering drawing using advanced AutoCad techniques. The course will build on the techniques learnt in CMPS 0326 and Introduction to Blueprint Reading. Upon completion of this course the student…

  • AutoCAD Introduction

    This hands on course introduces the student to AutoCAD. Topics covered include screen display controls, menu structure, point entry methods, drawing setup, draw commands, edit commands, object selection, annotations, basic dimensioning and plotting.

  • AutoCAD for Beginners

    This is a free AutoCAD online tutorial training course for beginngers. It will teach the basic commands of AutoCAD.