AutoCAD Module 1

In this hands-on course, you will explore the basic principles and operational techniques necessary to effectively use the AutoCAD software in a two-dimensional environment. Among specific topics covered in AutoCAD Module 1 will be system fundamentals, basic and advanced drawing commands, drawing by coordinate entry, dimensioning, hatching and more. Because classes will be designed to emphasize hands-on experience, in each session specific exercises that clearly illustrate basic AutoCAD commands will be assigned. Weekly instruction will be provided in one of the College’s AutoCAD labs during a three-hour class consisting of a brief lecture on software technique followed by a lab session, which will reiterate the theory. Successfully completing this offering will allow you to: comprehend some of the fundamental graphic language concepts of mechanical engineering drafting (CSA standards); utilize the AutoCAD graphic interface and command/menu system; access standard drawing templates and set up the drawing environment and scale; use the fundamental drawing commands of the AutoCAD software; apply basic draw, dimension and modify menu commands to create various 2D drawings; make use of the linetype and hatch commands; set up and use the plot commands to output drawings to the printer/plotter; organize and manage (for example, save and retrieve) drawing files. This course is part of the AutoCAD Certificate Program at Centennial College