SolidWorks Essentials

The purpose of this advanced CAD course is to provide the student with the necessary skills to utilize SolidWorks software to effectively generate three-dimensional models of any mechanical component and assembly. Additionally, the student will be introduced to the software features which are used: in creating design tables for families of parts or parametric design; for orthographic extraction; for sectioning and detailing; for creating bottom up assemblies; and for assembly interaction and physical dynamic testing. At the end of the SolidWorks Essentials Course, the student must take the CSWA (Certified SolidWorks Associate) exam, which is proof of SolidWorks expertise. This exam is held in class, for your convenience. A passing grade of 70% or greater is required, on this exam, to obtain CSWA certification. There are no additional fees for the exam. Please note that taking the SolidWorks Essentials Course does not guarantee that you will pass the CSWA (Certified SolidWorks Associate) exam. The Pass/Fail grade received on the CSWA exam is the same grade you will be assigned for the course. This course is part of the 3D Printing and Part Design program at Centennial College