PLC: Electrical Substations and Protection Co-ordination

Our Electrical Substations and Protection Co-ordination course teaches you about the major electrical components of a substation as well as the typical configurations for substations and switchyards. Learn about the single bus, the double bus, the ring bus, the breaker-and-a-half topology and circuit breakers (including vacuum and sulphur hexafluoride [SF6]), and other new technology applicable for medium-voltage substations. Study protection topology, the types of relay protection available for medium-voltage systems (including power transformers), and the maintenance required for electrical equipment (including the use of dissolved gas analysis). Using the IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding (also known as IEEE 80), explore substation grounding and the methods of testing and commissioning. Finally, consider the procedure for substation commissioning and the typical safety polices and grounding requirements for all metal structures