Lean Green Belt

Students acquire a comprehensive set of Lean tools, methods and project management and facilitative skills that can be applied to complex value stream transformation projects, typically spanning multiple departments. Upon successful completion, you will be able to: establish ‚Äúwinning conditions‚Äù for improvement projects with well-crafted project charters, change readiness and stakeholder analyses, and prepare detailed plans using Gantt charts; construct current and future state value stream maps that incorporate vital process data including and not limited to process and cycle times, value and non-value added time, and the takt time (‚Äúpace‚Äù) to meet customer demand; identify and eliminate waste and constraints to flow in a future state value stream by employing appropriate Lean techniques, including ‚Äòkanban” material management systems and ‚Äòjust in time” principles to achieve single piece flow; employ a variety of Lean techniques to balance work, reduce bottlenecks, improve office and work cell design for improved efficiency, and implement rapid change over (SMED) to increase productivity and throughput; assist an organization in the development and deployment of a Total Productive Maintenance Program (TPM) to improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE).