Inventor Fundamentals – Level 3

Inventor Fundamentals – Level 3 is the last in a series of courses designed to teach you to generate three-dimensional solid models of any mechanical component or assembly. This course will build on the material covered in the previous courses. You will learn software features used in: creating and testing kinematic assemblies, adding “detail” views to a drawing, adding Bill Of Material (BOM) information tables and number balloons to general assembly drawings, creating exploded assembly presentation drawings, producing working drawings and creating weldments. Each three-hour class will include a brief lecture, followed by a lab session in one of Centennial College’s CAD labs. Once you are comfortable with the week’s Inventor commands, operations and techniques, you will be given an in-class assignment intended to actively put the commands into practice. All drawing exercises, which will sequentially build upon each other, are intended to be completed and submitted by the end of the class or at the start of the next session. Once you complete Inventor Fundamentals – Level 3 you will be able to: use the fundamental commands in the Inventor software to develop precise 3D solid models and assemblies from orthographic drawings; use multiple three dimensional models to create assembled and exploded views; ‚Ä¢ Dynamically test assemblies for interference, design intent and kinematic viability; use the database from any 3D solid model assembly to create proper General Assembly drawings with Bill of Material lists, number balloons, isometric, orthographic, sectional and close-up detail projections all conforming to CSA standards; setup and output drawings to the printer/plotter; organize and manage (for example, save and retrieve) drawing files. This course is part of the AutoCAD Certificate Program at Centennial College