Inventor Fundamentals – Level 1

Inventor Fundamentals – Level 1 will introduce you to the Autodesk Inventor software, which allows you to generate three-dimensional solid models of any mechanical component. You will attend three-hour sessions with an emphasis on practical application of theory as you learn new Inventor commands, operations and techniques. Specifically designed illustrative exercises will include laying out a standard three-view orthographic drawing from a solid, creating objects by sweeping a profile through 360 degrees, creating a body with material added as well as removed, and more. Upon successful completion, you will be able to reliably: recognize and use the Inventor graphic interface and command/menu system; use the fundamental commands in the Inventor software to develop precise 3D solid models from orthographic drawings; utilize the commands necessary to extrude and revolve profiles; use the database from any 3D solid model to create proper isometric and orthographic drawings conforming to CSA standards; set up and output drawings to the printer/plotter; organize and manage (for example, save and retrieve) drawing files. This course is part of the AutoCAD Certificate Program at Centennial College