Introduction to Quality Manufacturing

This micro-credential is aimed at applicant or incumbent front-line production workers in manufacturing facilities. The learning outcomes will provide the skills necessary to understand quality assurance tools specific to measurement, process capability, variation and statistical control. The courses in this micro-credential will be instructor led and completely online allowing participants the opportunity to work at their own pace from any location. The skills will be of value to production operators who wish to apply to other positions in a manufacturing environment such as quality control and inspection. The first course includes very introductory level math and statistics to give students a foundation to understand more complex Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools. Then it will develop skills in statistical analysis and decision making. The second course increases skill in statistical techniques used to evaluate quality and the analytical concepts used to evaluate various measurement systems. Topics include fundamentals in measurement error, gauge repeatability and reproducibility, process variation, capability and control. Courses in this micro-credential must be completed in the following sequence: STAT1020 followed by QUAL1410. Courses in this micro-credential can be applied to the Quality Assurance certificate program.