Electrical Construction and Maintenance 2

Electrical Construction and Maintenance 2 builds on the knowledge you obtained in the previous course and helps you become more proficient in the use of measuring instruments, troubleshooting techniques and understanding schematic diagrams. This course is conducted through a combination of lectures, class discussions and lab time, during which you will gain hands-on experience. You will come to understand two wire distribution lines, single phase and three-phase AC motors and three-phase transformers as well as DC motors basics, applications, torque versus speed characteristics and control techniques. Once you complete Electrical Construction and Maintenance 2, you will have the ability to: interpret and understand electrical schematic diagrams; understand one-phase and three-phase AC motors; understand motor name plate parameters and troubleshoot the fault and design electrical wiring as per code; be familiar with three-phase transformers. This course is part of the Electrical Power Systems program at Centennial College