Electrical Construction and Maintenance 1

Electrical Construction and Maintenance 1 focuses on general electric circuit parameters and laws. You will learn through informative lectures reinforced by hands-on lab experiments. Course topics vary and include: basic electric circuits, AC circuits, Kirchoff’s Law, Thevenin’s Theorem, voltage sources, current sources, resistance, analysis of DC and class and two circuits, and power considerations. You will also learn the use of measuring instruments such as DMM and oscilloscopes, master techniques for troubleshooting electrical equipment and gain an understanding of schematic wring diagrams. Once you complete the Electrical Construction and Maintenance 1 course, you will be able to use electrical equipment in troubleshooting and design basic electrical systems with knowledge and understanding in: electrical measuring instruments; AC power generation and transmission techniques; AC fundamentals and measurements of single-phase and poly-phase measurements; voltage and current phase differences; reactive components and impedance calculations. This course is part of the Electrical Power Systems program at Centennial College