NOC Tag: Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers

  • Applied Mechanics

    Apply basic concepts and analytical tools that are required to determine vector and scalar forces, resultants and equilibrants, equilibrium conditions, truss analysis, shear and bending moment diagrams for simple conditions.

  • Industrial Mechanic Millwright Components

    Our Industrial Mechanic Millwright Components course teaches you the basics of power transmissions, including gear types, speed calculations, gear trains, couplings, clutches, balancing, vee belts, belt drives, chain drives, bearings, fits and clearances.

  • Industrial Mechanic Millwright Fluid Power

    Our Industrial Mechanic Millwright Fluid Power course teaches you the basics of hydraulic and pneumatic circuitry, including identifying and explaining circuit components and symbols as well as assembling and troubleshooting circuits.

  • Industrial Mechanic Millwright Fundamentals

    Our Industrial Mechanic Millwright Fundamentals course teaches you the basics of millwrighting, including rigging, basic metallurgy, drilling, lathe turning, milling, grinding and levelling machinery.

  • Industrial Millwright 433A Pre-exam

    Our Industrial Millwright 433A Pre-exam course is a review/refresher course intended for those who have acquired the theoretical and practical knowledge required to write the Certificate of Qualification exam for the Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) (433A) licence.

  • Pre-Apprenticeship Learning Series

    This series is designed to introduce learners to career-related information for those wanting to work in the parts sector as a parts professional. This bundle includes the following courses: Finding and Advancing Your Career in the Parts Industry, Safe Workplace Practices, Introduction to Automotive Components, and Inventory Management for Parts Professionals.