NOC Tag: Tool and die makers

  • AutoCAD – Advanced

    Learn advanced techniques for proficiency in the use of AutoCAD. Learn to recognize the best tool for the task, the best use of that tool, and how to create new tools for efficiency.

  • Hydraulics Level 3

    Intended for individuals employed in fluid power-related occupations who must work with systems from a practical standpoint, but who have little or no formal training in fluid power. This course covers the basics of proportional/servo control for a hydraulic system. Included will be the operation, design considerations and applications for both proportional and servo hydraulics…

  • Advanced Machining Operations

    Our Advanced Machining Operations course helps you get a full understanding of the areas of trade safety, trade calculations (advanced trigonometry and application), advanced lathe and milling technology, surface grinding and metallurgy.

  • Fundamentals of Machining Operations

    Our Fundamentals of Machining Operations course helps you gain a basic understanding of metrology, benchwork techniques, drill press technology, blueprint reading and basic mathematics as well as a full understanding of trade safety.

  • Forklift Operator

    This theoretical and practical course meets the training requirements outlined in CA/CSA 335-04 Safety Standard for Lift Trucks. Students are instructed in safe forklift operation. Training in hazard recognition in various workplace scenarios is emphasized.