NOC Tag: Graphic designers and illustrators

  • AutoCAD – Introduction

    Examine and use Computer Aided Design software known as AutoCAD. Investigate and apply entity creation, dimensioning, layers and linetypes, and text creation.

  • AutoCAD – Advanced

    Learn advanced techniques for proficiency in the use of AutoCAD. Learn to recognize the best tool for the task, the best use of that tool, and how to create new tools for efficiency.

  • AutoDesk REVIT – Advanced

    REVIT Architecture is a powerful 3D Building Information Model (BIM) program. Expect to learn advanced collaboration, Design Development and construction documentation tools in this class using Architectural examples.

  • AutoDESK 3DS MAX

    Examine and discuss the modeling process from start to finish in 3D Studio Max. Analyze, identify and assess the proper process of polygon modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering from a floorplan design to a full 3D textured model. Plan, design and construct a 3D modeled Interior adhering to design and scale standards in line with…

  • AutoDESK Inventor

    Autodesk INVENTOR, a mechanical design automation software. This easy to learn software allows mechanical designers to quickly sketch ideas and produce solid models, detailed drawings and assembles. The primary goal of AutoDesk Inventor is to introduce the aspects of Solid Modeling and Parametric Modeling.

  • Engineering Design & Layout

    This course is designed to prepare the student to solve problems in mechanical motion, geometric construction and layout developments of the surfaces of solid shapes using the principles of descriptive geometry. Further study of geometric tolerance and fits will allow the student to design several machine elements to function satisfactorily in unison.

  • Introduction to Solidworks

    This hands on course introduces the student to 3D modeling using Solidworks. Topics include correct setup of model files, sketching techniques to produce both revolved and extrudes bodies, single body models and assemblies, 2D engineering drawings created from 3D models and editing of existing models.