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  • Math 1

    As the first of two pre-calculus mathematics courses, content covered includes treatment of data, fundamental algebra, radicals and logarithms.

  • Technical Mathematics

    This first-level mathematics course for engineering technology programs begins with a review of fundamental concepts, arithmetic operations, and units of measure. This is followed by an in-depth study of basic algebra, trigonometric and other functions, and quadratic equations.

  • Technical Calculus II

    Discover the applications of differentiation and integration in selected areas of calculus. Topics covered include theory and applications of Maclaurin, Taylor and Fourier series, linear differential equations, functions of two and more variables, double integrals, Laplace transform and introduction to Fourier transform. 

  • Working at Heights

    Falling from heights is one of the major causes of injury and fatality in Ontario workplaces. This course is designed to protect Ontario workers from these potentially tragic outcomes. Students are taught to readily recognize fall hazards and identify the correct control measures to protect themselves. Classroom training is supplemented with practical hands-on labs using…