NOC Tag: Secondary school teachers

  • The Business of Tomorrow

    The Manufacturing Leadership Certificate Program (MLCP) is supervisory training designed by manufacturers for manufacturers, in collaboration with the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) and your community colleges. Course description: There are two great pressures on manufacturing today; both related to change. One is the geo-political, or global economy, the other is the expectations placed on…

  • Introduction to Revit

    This hands-on lab course will introduce the student to one of the most versatile and popular BIM (Building Information Modeling) and CAD (Computer-Assisted-Drafting) software packages currently available on the market for PCs. Revit provides numerous tools and methods for producing, viewing and editing two and three-dimensional drawings in any discipline. Students will be introduced to…

  • Product & Process Control

    This in-class course will examine the principles of dimensional metrology, applied precision measuring instruments relating to the geometric features, and complex measuring instruments. Topics will include use of precision instruments, their calibration, basics of surface measurement and geometric measurements.

  • Math 1

    As the first of two pre-calculus mathematics courses, content covered includes treatment of data, fundamental algebra, radicals and logarithms.

  • Corporate Training Solutions

    CTS offers on-demand, online courses. Courses are short in length, self-paced and flexible to fit any schedule.

  • Technical Mathematics

    This first-level mathematics course for engineering technology programs begins with a review of fundamental concepts, arithmetic operations, and units of measure. This is followed by an in-depth study of basic algebra, trigonometric and other functions, and quadratic equations.

  • Technical Mathematics II

    This course is a continuation of OEL806 (Technical Mathematics) for engineering technology students. Topics of study include a more detailed view of exponents and radicals, plane analytic geometry, geometry, complex numbers, and functions including trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions. This course also includes an introduction to statistics. The goals of this course are, first to…

  • Introduction to Lean Thinking

    The online course is an ideal beginner level training for those simply looking to understand and familiarize themselves with the Lean Methods and Tools. It works best for employees who are unfamiliar with Lean and want to learn more about the methodology and how it can impact an organization. (self-paced course) Executives, Managers, Supervisor, Frontline…

  • Safe Workplace Practices

    This course is designed to provide learners with an overview of occupational health and safety concepts and practices, and provides practical suggestions for health and safety advocacy in the workplace.

  • Blueprint Reading, Introduction (AutoCAD)

    This hands on course introduces the student to Blueprint Reading. Upon completion of the course the student will have the knowledge to read and interpret engineering drawings. Students will be able to demonstrate a comprehension of multi view drawings and the ability to sketch simple objects