NOC Tag: Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)

  • CAD/CAM (MasterCAM) 3D

    Designed for individuals with employment experience in machining. Concepts will be taught using PC-based MasterCAM. This hands on course covers creation of 3D surfaces and tool paths for 3 axis milling using top rated CAD/CAM software. The course will also include creation of wireframes, surfaces, intersection of surfaces, cavity roughing, toolpath editing and planning.

  • Automation Programming Introduction

    Interested in automation or programming as a hobby, for your current profession or to explore a new career? Designed for beginners, students will work hands-on with low-cost hardware, basic electronic devices, and Arduino programming to develop skills quickly. Instructor-led, students are introduced to basic components and learn how to program them and how they work.…

  • AutoCAD for Beginners

    This is a free AutoCAD online tutorial training course for beginngers. It will teach the basic commands of AutoCAD.

  • AutoCAD Introduction

    This hands on course introduces the student to AutoCAD. Topics covered include screen display controls, menu structure, point entry methods, drawing setup, draw commands, edit commands, object selection, annotations, basic dimensioning and plotting.

  • AutoCAD Interpreting Drawings

    This course is a continuation of AutoCad Introduction (CMPS 0326) and Introduction to Blueprint Reading. The main emphasis is on the creation of Assembly and Detail Engineering drawing using advanced AutoCad techniques. The course will build on the techniques learnt in CMPS 0326 and Introduction to Blueprint Reading. Upon completion of this course the student…