NOC Tag: Computer and information systems managers

  • Technical Mathematics II

    This course is a continuation of OEL806 (Technical Mathematics) for engineering technology students. Topics of study include a more detailed view of exponents and radicals, plane analytic geometry, geometry, complex numbers, and functions including trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions. This course also includes an introduction to statistics. The goals of this course are, first to…

  • PME1: Introduction to Managing Projects

    Learn the essentials of project management, including the framework for successful outcomes, typical project life cycles, processes followed and key knowledge areas required. What you’ll learn: basic project management terminology; phases of a project life cycle; the role of the project manager; preparing a project charter and plan; stakeholder identification and techniques to define project…

  • PME4: Project Risk Management

    Learn to adopt risk management strategies and activities to achieve consistent outcomes on projects. What you’ll learn: integrate risk management into all aspects of the project; identify, categorize and assess project risks and create a risk register; conduct qualitative and quantitative risk analyses and plan risk responses; close risks for learning.

  • PME5: Project Quality Management

    Learn to develop a quality management plan and design requirements to meet stakeholder and organizational expectations. What you’ll learn: develop a plan for monitoring and controlling project quality; outline the difference between quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA); analyze the causes of problems and defects in projects or products; develop a quality management plan;…

  • Computer Applications in Quality Assurance

    Students will be introduced to the computerization of statistical process control functions such as histograms, control charts, and data collection. This course uses spreadsheets and word processing to demonstrate how computers can be used to effectively manage a quality system.